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Go on 'Mock Dates' with beautiful women

Within our members club, we offer a revolutionary opportunity – the chance to experience blind mock dates with stunning women within our extensive dating network.

Every woman within our network has been uniquely trained to bring out the best in you—a holistic, well-rounded masculine man.

But that’s not all – after each mock date, your date will confidentially share valuable feedback with our experienced coaches. Our team will then meticulously analyse your performance and uncover areas where you can further shine.

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Two envelopes will be presented to you

You will receive two envelopes 14 days before the mock date. The first envelope will contain comprehensive information about your mock date, including; her name, age, occupation, hobbies, and interests. Meanwhile, the second envelope will solely consist of preparation questions to enhance your readiness for the date.

Ultimately, the decision lies in your hands and how you choose to leverage your strengths. Some individuals thrive when they don’t know much about their date, as it offers ample topics to discuss and discover.

On the other hand, you might prefer knowing the person beforehand to prepare conversation topics and plan the date accordingly.

To explore this further, feel free to schedule a call with us.

We will coach you in your preferred city

As a member, we’ll go the extra mile to support you on your journey. Once you join, we’ll come to your preferred city every week for a minimum recommended period of 3 months.

Our face-to-face coaching programme is carefully designed with you in mind, divided into into six distinct areas, ensuring you receive targeted guidance and unwavering support throughout the year.

Your Masculine Assessment

Within the initial two weeks of joining the club, we offer a comprehensive assessment called the “Maskülen Rating.” This evaluation measures your proficiency in five key areas that pertain to masculinity and interactions with women. These areas include

Masculine Demeanour

We will examine your ability to project confidence, assertiveness, and a strong presence through your body language, voice tone, and overall demeanour.

Understanding Women

We assess your comprehension of women's psychology, emotional needs, and communication patterns.

Engaging with Women

This assessment evaluates your abilities and strategies in initiating conversations, establishing rapport, and approaching women with confidence and respect.

Facial Appearance

This rating focuses on the aesthetics of your facial features, including aspects such as grooming, skincare, and grooming habits that contribute to an attractive appearance.

Physical Fitness

We examine your overall physique and strategies to achieve the desirable golden ratio by either building muscle or reducing body fat.

Attire Selection

This assesses your fashion sense and proficiency in presenting yourself through your clothing choices, grooming, and personal style. It includes your ability to select clothes that flatter your body type and complement your skin complexion.

Dress like a man women take seriously...

If you were your ideal woman, would you choose to date someone like yourself?

Would you feel proud to walk down the street or attend high-end events with someone who dresses the way you do? The truth is, women are naturally detail-oriented and notice every little aspect. They observe your footwear, take note of your fragrance, and appreciate a well-fitted shirt that accentuates your shoulders.

Elevating your style goes beyond making a good first impression. It’s about embodying self-assurance and expressing your unique personality through your appearance. When you dress better, you not only attract attention but also command respect and admiration. Your improved style becomes a powerful tool that opens doors to new opportunities, both in your personal and professional life.

Don’t underestimate the impact that dressing well can have on your overall confidence, self-image, and the way others perceive you. Let us guide you in transforming your style, unlocking a world of possibilities and empowering you to present your best self to the world.

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