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Reserve your place in our exclusive Face-to-Face Dating Coaching Members Club

Our exclusive members club provides a comprehensive face-to-face coaching programme, meticulously divided into six distinct areas. This structured approach ensures that our members receive focused guidance and unwavering support throughout the year.

With a limited number of intakes per year, our exclusivity allows us to deliver the highest quality coaching experience to each member, fostering a close-knit community of like-minded individuals dedicated to achieving dating success.


  1. Month One

    Building Blocks of Masculinity.

    Week 1 : In the first session, we’ll use our 4-stage approach pyramid to engage you in real-life conversations with three women, followed by an introductory rapport-building session to explore dating challenges and set goals, along with an assessment of your existing online dating profiles for improvements.


    Week 2 : In this segment, we introduce you to the nuances of open and closed body language, mirroring, power positions, and how to exude masculinity through live demonstrations in various social settings. You will then seamlessly integrate these newly acquired body language skills into your ongoing interactions by employing our 4-stage pyramid method (refer to below), ensuring a refined and effective approach in your dating endeavours.


    Week 3 : Hone your speaking style for confidence and impact. Master a strong, assertive voice by understanding vocal tones. Practice in top-notch rehearsal rooms to boost your self-assurance. Say goodbye to monotony and lay a solid foundation for months four, five, and six. Build on your first two weeks’ progress with in-field approaches with women.


    Week 4 : Get your Masculine Rating Assessment from our dating experts, evaluating your overall masculine qualities on a 1 to 6 scale in areas like demeanour, women comprehension, interaction skills, facial features, physical fitness, and attire. Receive a thorough four-week evaluation of your progress and identify areas for further development in months four, five, and six.


  2. Month Two –

    Personal Styling & Presentation

    Week 5 : Become aware of any potential areas for improvement in your speech when communicating with women—whether it involves issues like stammering, monotony, or a limited vocabulary. Take the time to analyse your speech patterns and fully engage in a speaking masterclass designed to enhance your communication skills


    Week 6 : Explore the Abundance Mindset: Uncover its meaning, significance, and how it operates in your favour to eradicate neediness and enhance interactions with women. Join the ‘How To Text Women’ Masterclass – Learn abundant-mindset-texting: eliminate unnecessary emojis, showcase masculinity, social proof, and, in turn, achieve more successful dates with women. Apply the texting skills you’ve learnt in real-time with the women you’re currently texting.


    Week 7 : Access your own personal stylist and elevate your appeal with John Lewis’ tailored service designed to help you attract your desired women. Step into a private styling suite with carefully curated clothing and refreshments, designed for men’s unique shopping habits. “Recognising the differing shopping habits of men and women, we’ve created a space and service with men in mind,” states John Lewis. Whether you lean towards casual or sophisticated looks, their knowledgeable team will introduce you to fresh styles and captivating colours. Enjoy a stress-free and enjoyable journey with no purchase obligation.


    Week 8 : Master the art of ‘face maxxing’ through our exclusive tips, elevating your facial attractiveness. Uncover secrets for refining your beard style, haircut, eyebrow shaping, and skincare routine, enhancing your natural features with finesse.


  1. Month Three –

    Mock Dates & Seduction Workshops


    Each phase of the programme is designed to address specific aspects of personal growth and relationship development, ensuring comprehensive and focused coaching in each area.

Unleash the extraordinary potential within you by becoming a valued member of our exclusive members club, where you can access our exceptional face-to-face coaching package exclusively designed for single men. Immerse yourself in the transformative realm of our Maskulen Essence Journey, a unique experience curated by our team of esteemed dating experts who will personally visit you in your preferred city once a week. Embrace the power of personalised coaching sessions that will revolutionise your dating life.

With a one-time payment, you can enjoy the benefits of our comprehensive coaching programme without worrying about additional costs. As a bonus, the first mock date in month III of the programme is free of charge. Limited spaces are available for our esteemed members club this year, so secure your spot early. After payment, you will promptly receive an email with all the relevant information you need, along with a complimentary copy of our exclusive e-book. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; join the club today.

Experience the true potential of your dating journey with our face-to-face coaching package, featuring the freedom to cancel anytime after the first month of payment. Our coaching services are available on a monthly recurring basis, ensuring you have the flexibility to adjust your subscription as needed. We prioritise your dating success and are highly confident in the substantial value our personalised guidance brings.

Deniz works magic! With his coaching, my dating life took off. The Maskülen Members club is like a secret weapon. Totally recommend it!

Aaron Patel

Maskülen Essence Club Member

Deniz excels at engaging and motivating clients, showcasing a true talent for connecting with individuals, whether in-person or online.

Rebecca Milsom

At first, I wasn’t sure about the price, but now I’d happily pay double for how Deniz has completely turned around my dating life.

Jonny K

Maskülen Essence Club Member

Those blind mock dates Deniz set up? Total game-changers. I got to work on my body language, my voice, and charisma – all while getting some super useful feedback!

Ollie Harris

Maskülen Essence Club Member

I’ve known Deniz for over 10 years, and he’s an invaluable resource to everyone around him.

Nosheen Hamid

Deniz has a careful mix of confidence & humility, he’s knowledgeable and worldly and his business addresses a vital niche in men’s mental wellness. Having been part of this journey, I highly recommend reaching out to Deniz to enhance your dating life

Catrin Archer

CEO of Elevate Group Consultants

Navigating three years of being single can be challenging, but under Deniz’s guidance, I found safety and support. His consistent check-ins proved invaluable, sparking positive transformations in appearance, posture, fitness, and my mindset. If you are shy, anxious, or looking to regain your footing, I highly recommend Deniz and the transformative coaching at The Maskülen Essence.

Chris Cownden

Maskülen Essence Club Member & Podcaster

I have great admiration for Deniz and the work he does. I witnessed first hand the impact Deniz had on a young man that went from a life of complete seclusion to a life worth living. I love Deniz’s integrity, commitment and compassion in the work he does.

Diego Melo

CEO of Nudge Education

Deniz’s coaching is a must if you feel stuck with your dating! With Deniz’s support I overcame my fear of talking to women and started my journey of becoming more true to myself.

Olof Sjöholm

Copenhagen Client & Software Developer

Deniz showed me that there is no need to be afraid when approaching a woman, and that any topic can spark a conversation. Working with Deniz through coaching will enhance your confidence and empower you to communicate with assurance.

Marvin Barbara

Paris Client