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The Maskülen Members Club : Exclusive Dating Club


You are one click away from joining the Maskülen Members Club.

Unlock exclusive access to your own dating coach every single week, over a span of 3 months, in your city via our members club. You will receive a full refund if you are dissatisfied with your progress at the conclusion of the 3-month period.

  1. Weekly Approach Days
  2. Monthly Mock Dates
  3. Members Only Meet-Ups
  4. Visit Expert Personal Stylists
  5. Psychoanalysis of your blocks
  6. Dating App Review & Upgrade
  7. Body Language Masterclass
  8. Professional Therapy Sessions
  9. Exclusive Copy of the New 2024 book

Subscribe for 3 Months Membership

3 Months Membership

Initial Payable: £1,499.00

Total Payable: £4,497.00

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Payment AmountPayment Date
£1,499.00 April 16, 2024 2:53 am
£1,499.00 May 17, 2024 2:53 am
£1,499.00 June 17, 2024 2:53 am
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Month One : Phase I

Building Blocks of Masculinity

Week 1 → In the first session, we’ll use our 4-stage approach pyramid to engage you in real-life conversations with three women, followed by an introductory rapport-building session to explore dating challenges and set goals, along with an assessment of your existing online dating profiles for improvements.

Week 2 → In this segment, we introduce you to the nuances of open and closed body language, mirroring, power positions, and how to exude masculinity through live demonstrations in various social settings. You will then seamlessly integrate these newly acquired body language skills into your ongoing interactions by employing our 4-stage pyramid method, ensuring a refined and effective approach in your dating endeavours.

Week 3 → Hone your speaking style for confidence and impact. Master a strong, assertive voice by understanding vocal tones. Practice in top-notch rehearsal rooms to boost your self-assurance. Say goodbye to monotony and lay a solid foundation for months four, five, and six. Build on your first two weeks’ progress with in-field approaches with women.

Week 4 → Get your Masculine Rating Assessment from our dating experts, evaluating your overall masculine qualities on a 1 to 6 scale in areas like demeanour, women comprehension, interaction skills, facial features, physical fitness, and attire. Receive a thorough four-week evaluation of your progress and identify areas for further development in months four, five, and six.

Month Two : Phase II

Personal Styling & Presentation

Month Three : Phase III

Mock Dates & Seduction Workshops

The Benefits :

  • Benefit 1 → Expert Dating Coaching Sessions – Receive valuable insights and personalised guidance from our expert dating coaches in weekly face-to-face sessions. They will help you build confidence, improve your dating skills, and increase your chances of forming meaningful connections.

  • Benefit 2 → Unique Blind Mock Date Experiences – In the third month of the programme, you’ll have the opportunity to attend blind mock dates with gorgeous women, in a safe and non-judgemental environment. You will then receive valuable feedback from the women themselves, enhancing your understanding of what works best in real dating scenarios.

  • Benefit 3 → Comprehensive Skill Workshops – Attend ‘Charm, and Seduction Workshops’ led by trained women within our network. Additionally, you’ll also receive coaching on nonverbal communication, body language, and the art of approaching women in person, all contributing to your overall success in dating.

Secure your spot now to become a part of this elite circle and commence a life-altering expedition aimed at enhancing your dating experiences. Embrace a determined step forward in your personal development journey, knowing that our face-to-face dating coaching and robust accountability mechanisms will guide you towards a more fulfilling and substantial romantic future.